Monday, November 14, 2011

Second night of Liverpool Rioting 9/08/11


Rioting continued for a second night in Liverpool on the 9th Augist 2011.

I took these photos around Midnight in the streets connecting with Smithdown Road and Lodge Lane. Despite the weather predictions it did not rain and both Police and rioters seemed prepared for a another long night of confrontation.

The Police assets were significant . The organisation seemed to be a lot more robust than I had seen the previous evening; with MATRIX units, mounted Police, K9 units, and Camera equipped Evidence Gatherers arrayed against a mob of youths armed with sticks, stones, bricks etc.

Both sides went through a period where each built up their numbers and nerve.

The mob came up the hill of Lodge Lane and I saw some youths armed with pieces of wood and many wearing hoodies and masked with scarves.

At one point I was way ahead of the Police line and as the youths proceeded up the hill I heard shouts of "Get the photographer", I looked around me and realised "Oops! They mean me! I beat a hasty retreat under a hail of stones and bricks. Fortunately, I felt a bit more secure than the previous night as I was now wearing a protective helmet; however this didn't stop a brick hitting me in the backside.

The Police brought up their assets and steadily forced the mob back down the street, passed a burning pyre of wooden pallets.

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