Monday, December 26, 2011

Interview with the League of Friends & Father Christmas at Ormskirk Hospital on Christmas Day 2011

Interview with League of Friends & Father Christmas Ormskirk Hospital Christmas Day 2011.

The Ormskirk League of Freinds have raised money to buy hospital equipment and volunteered at the Ormskirk Hospital for the last fifty years. Each year on Christmas day, several of the League volunteers accompany Father Christmas around the wards and give out presents to the patients.

Ormskirk hospital developed from Ormskirk Workhouse. Two workhouses were in fact established in Ormskirk in the 1730s, in Aughton Street and Moor Street. The former was sold and the institutions combined in the Moor Street premises around 1838-39. A new workhouse was built in 1853 on what is now the site of Ormskirk Hospital, in Wigan Road.
Known in the 1930s as the County Hospital and Institution, in the 1950s as Ormskirk County Hospital, it is now Ormskirk and District General Hospital.
Administered by the Guardians' Committee until absorbed into the NHS in 1948, the hospital then came under the aegis of the Ormskirk and District Hospital Management Committee, subsequently the Ormskirk Health District of the Lancashire Area Health Authority, and later the West Lancashire Health Authority.

Video Filmed on a Kodak ZX1 Pocket Video Camera

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  1. I didn't know until I interviewed the league of friends volunteers how long the group had been raising money for the hospital. Over forty years!

    The league volunteers aren't people to blow their own trumpets, but I know that many of them are also involved with other local community organisations.

    At local charitable events and community get togethers, I often see many of the same people.

    This is probably the same in lots of other towns throughout the country.