Friday, January 20, 2012

Ormskirk Motorfest 2012: West Lancs Council agrees to provide increased subsidy.

The Ormskirk Motorfest 2011 was a reported success, with additional visitors to Ormskirk on the day estimated to have swelled by around 10,000 people in comparison with a typical market day.  It is reported this week that West Lancashire Council recently agreed to proviide funding for the 2012 Ormskirk Motorfest.

Ormskirk Motorfest 2011 preview day at the Clocktower.
Ormskirk Motorfest 2011 preview day at the Clocktower.

The decision has effectively given the go ahead, once again, for the event.  Althought the council subsidy is almost double to that of last year.  In 2011 some of the other event 'partners' provided their services for free.  This year the economic times are tougher, budgets are tighter and if the event is to go ahead, the council has been asked to dig deeper into the coffer filled by local taxpayers.  However, the council is hoping that the advertising sold in event programmes will offset some or all of this financial outlay.

Ormskirk Motorfest
Ormskirk Motorfest 2011

In my opinion.....
There are bound to be questions asked among local residents relating to the council commiting to spend their taxes in this manner.

What was the financial impact of last year's event for the town? What other positive benefits did the event bring to local businesses and residents?  Local households have less money to spend and unemployment has hit many families.  Event organisers and council decision makers, must put rhetoric and hype to one side and present a detailed, public and evidence based case for this tax expenditure.

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