Sunday, February 05, 2012

Skelmersdale Compassion UK Christian Sponsor a Child fundraiser

Photos taken at the Sam Smith Compassion UK Christian charity Sponsor a Child fundraiser at Skelmersdale FC Friday 3rd January 2012.

Sam Smith: "I am 31 years old and live in a town called Sklemersdale near Liverpool. I am so excited to be part of the Blood,Sweat & Compassion team heading out in March 2012. My wife and I have been supporting Compassion for the last four years and sponsor 3 amazing children from Haiti, India & Ethiopia. I am totally up for this challenge not just for me personally but also to raise money for such a worthy cause to see 4 young people brought from poverty and getting the chance to be leaders and changers in their societies.

Date of Trip: March 2012

I am a personal trainer, I love a challenge! This is like no other challenge I have taken on before. I have to admit the initial attraction was the personal challenge but after I read on about how the money raised would be used to send 4 young innovators through university and give them a chance otherwise they could only dream about, it sealed it for me!! Compassion's projects and what they do in the poorest communities around the world with the poorest of children are truly worthy causes. From the Child Survival Programme to the Child Development Programme and this Leadership Development Programme, all giving a child a chance it deserves to survive and thrive to be everything it was created to be. Past students of the Leadership Development Programme have gone on to become agriculturalists, biomedical technicians, business people, doctors, teachers, pastors and members of Parliament.

Fundraising Target: £4000

I work in a University and going to futher education is an option almost all teenagers have even with the rise in fees. To hear there are 4 young poeple who have excelled in the child development programme with Compassion and want to go as far as they can to be inspirational leaders in their communites and societies and they just need some people to give/raise money and climb a mountain, count me in! We take so much for granted, health care, food, clothing, education. These 4 guy's would have struggled to attain any of these without the support of Compassion and its sponsors. They have excelled within the programme and shown their potential and need this oportunity to be the best they can be to realise this calling of leadership. I believe you may not see the fruit of what you give towards this cause, but the benefit others will recieve will echo into eternity! Please give whatever you can to help me help others, help others!" Smith Smith.
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