Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skelmersdale Sea Cadets brave a Royal Naval inspection by area officer Lieutenant Colonel John Davies Royal Marines

Skelmersdale Sea Cadets (T.S Rodney) braved a Royal Naval inspection by area officer Lieutenant Colonel John Davies Royal Marines on Tuesday 14th February

Sea Cadet Unit T.S Rodney was supported on the night by the attendance of West Lancashire Mayor and Mayoress Rob and Sue Bailey and by all the parents who came along, all of whom were obviously very proud of the children.

It was my first visit to a Sea Cadet unit and from what I saw of the cadets, they should all be very proud of themselves

Sea Cadet Corps - Ready Aye Ready

While the Skelmersdale Sea Cadets might not be blessed with an abundance of financial resources they make the best of the wealth of potential they have stored up in the youngsters of the area.

I believe the Sea Cadets unit in Skelmersdale provides a model for personal growth which, in an area blighted by high unemployment, might not be self-evident elsewhere.  Charitable organisations like the Sea Cadets act as a portal through which local youngsters enter and make positive use of the natural vivacity which is granted the young.  The Skelmersdale Sea Cadets unit helps to unlock a vault of potential for self-improvement found not just in local youngsters as cadets, but also local adults as cadet leaders.

Skelmersdale Sea Cadets

The inspection report by the area officer Lieutenant Colonel John Davies (Royal Marines) was fair and provided positive feedback.  T.S Rodney like any unit can always improve and do better; but if the cadets and leaders keep up with the hard work and commitment shown on the night, I'm sure they'll continue to do well.

If you can help the Sea Cadets of Skelmersdale fulfill their potential, please get in contact with

Petty Officer (SCC) S.G Stephen, Officer in charge
Sea Cadets Unit T.S Rodney, Tawd Road, Tanhouse, Skelmersdale WN8 6BS

Tel:        01695 725086 (unit answerphone)
Mobile: 07886 998931 

If you have community news to share or a story to tell, then please contact Life In Another Town

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