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Ormskirk folk Folk Dancing at Ormskirk School March 17th 2012

Photos of some Ormskirk folk Folk Dancing at Ormskirk School March 17th 2012

Article by Norman Bearon

The Ormskirk Folk Dance Club has been in existence in Ormskirk for more than sixty years.  The club was founded in 1950 by local headmaster George Harrison.  He continued as club chairman for 50 years.

The repertoire of dances in the early days of the club were the Playford Dances researched by Cecil Sharp, from 17th century, 18th century and 19th century sources. These were what you might term “Jane Austen” type dances as well as Community Dances, and Square Dances.

In the last thirty to fourty years the repertoire has increased enormously.  Some dances are the result of more research in the Library of Cecil Sharp House, but many more are composed, often with music, by enthusiastic Callers and Country Dancers in this country and abroad.

English Country Dancing has a strong following in Northern Europe and the USA.

Ormskirk Folk Dance Club
Ormskirk Folk Dance Club

The Ormskirk Folk Dance Club meets weekly on Monday nights at  8:15pm, at Emmanuel Methodist Church Hall, Derby Street, Ormskirk, L39 2DE

We hold five Saturday Dances in the Winter; October, November, December, January (with Afternoon Workshop) and March and a Summer Special (with Strawberry Supper) in June.

Callers come from a wide area as do bands and maintain a very high standard.

We encourage readers of Life In Another Town, who would like to know more, to visit our website at  

Alternatively, please give Norman a call on 01695 422971.

Come along one Monday evening and give Folk Dancing a try.  All welcome — no partner needed.


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