Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ormskirk Servolution painting at Greetby Hill School April 21 2012

Ormskirk Servolution volunteers painting at Greetby Hill School April 21 2012

Local ward Councillor and Christian Adrian Owens and volunteers from the Ormskirk Christian group Servolution came together on Saturday 21st April to repaint the railings at Greetby Hill CE School.

Christians painting Greetby Hill School
Christians painting Greetby Hill School

Adrian told Life In Another Town that he had thought of the idea when driving past the school on his way in and out of town.  He thought the railings, rusting and paint peeling, were a bit of an eye sore and not appealing to visitors to the town. He approached the school headmaster John Rowlands with the offer to paint the railings.

Despite the cold wind on Saturday, the Servolution volunteers got stuck in on painting what they good humouredly described as "The Forth Bridge of Ormskirk"

It's quite a job to complete and the volunteers are back on Saturday 28th April to carry on with the job.

If you would like to help and can spare some time on Saturday between 10am - 4pm then you will be welcomed with open (and probably paint splattered) arms.

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