Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kite flying at Beacon Country Park near Upholland in West Lancashire

Beacon Country Park near Upholland in West Lancashire is a great venue for Kite flying: plenty of room, lots of wind.

There is a kite festival held here, in the summer, every year.  You can find out more at the Visit Lancashire website.

My wife and I bought a kite line reel winder and these videos show us experimenting with it and our kite.  We found that trying to unwind the kite line and then bring the kite line back in again with just the plastic handle was a bit of a hassle, especially when you might have dozens of metres of line.  The kite reel works along the same idea as fishing rod reel.  It was a real improvement.  Although we did find that in the strong wind, the small handle could have been a bit bigger, to provide a bit more torque to bring the kite down.  Heather also found that woollen gloves are not a match for handling nylon line.  We really advise you to use some strong protective gloves to prevent line burn.  The reel cost about £7 online and it was worth the money.  You can find the reel on Ebay or Amazon.

Kite flying in Beacon Country Park Upholland West Lancashire

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