Saturday, September 05, 2015

Calais refugees are stuck in the Jungle. What can we do? We need to get ready!

The Calais Jungle refugee camp

There are rumours that increased numbers of Syrians will be allowed to claim asylum in the UK.  This is because the prime minister David Cameron and the Tory government is under pressure from increasing numbers of British citizens to allow more refugees to seek asylum here.  This is good news if indeed more refugees will, at long last, find safe haven here.  However, this will NOT help a single refugee in the Calais Jungle camp.  Any new asylum seekers will only be granted access to the UK directly from Syria and not from Calais.  There will still be a refugee crisis for the tens of thousands of men, winding across Europe, the majority of whom are fleeing from war torn countries, dictatorships and disaster.  These refugees are all mums, dads, sons and daughters, and they are all desperate to find a safe place to sleep and a secure place to live.

Can you help? Of course I can!

Hundreds of these escaping people will find their way to Calais.  Their hope is to make it to the UK.  However, they will find their way blocked by the English Channel and no legal way to cross to England.  Access to the port and railway is blocked by high security fences, razor wire, security guards and riot police. Thousands of refugees will remain stuck in limbo in Calais, with no option but to find shelter in the unofficial Jungle refugee camp.

So what do we do? We need to prepare! Winter is coming: rain, wind and cold.  Please collect more men's winter clothes, more footwear, more sleeping bags and more blankets. Get organised! Sort and pack donations by type. Collect together donations locally. Gather together supporters of the Calais refugees. Organise a van to take donations to the regional collection points. Watch the groups for news of new improved storage and distribution channels.

The arrival in recent times of thousands of refugees in the camp is challenging existing methods of support in Calais. This is normal for any operation. Increased demand needs to be met by increased supply and improved methods of distribution. Please don't be disheartened by stories of delay and hassles distributing in the camp.

Your donations of food and clothing will continue to make better the existence and everyday lives of the refugees in the camp. Your expressions of compassion and your efforts to ensure these men, women, boy and girls are provided safe haven is having a positive impact.

Merseyaid refugee and homeless support group
Merseyaid refugee and homeless support

If you want to donate food, clothes, money or volunteer your time to help refugee men, women, boys and girls please visit Merseyaid the Liverpool based refugee and homeless support group.

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