Monday, May 30, 2005

French vote NO to EU constitution?

Life in another town

It's been difficult to avoid the news recently, about the impending vote by the French, on whether they should accept the new EU constititution. Now they've voted NO, what impact will this have on me and you. I'm buggered if I know!

In the UK we've heard over many months, the political parties airing their views on whether they would support a Yes or No vote, here in the UK. Although it's now largely irrelevent (can't see the point in the government carrying out a pointless exercise and spending £ millions to hold a referendum on an issue the French have probably already killed off) many people in the UK, as on so many issues that effect us, base their views not on any factual understanding of the content of the constitution, but on blind prejudice. Ignorance and Prejudice are often bedfellows.

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