Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Live 8: The response from some of the media

Make Poverty History

You may have heard or read in the news, over the last 24 hours, about the upcoming Live 8 events (which are part of the make poverty history campiaign ) to be held this summer.

The main television news on both BBC and ITV seemed to focus largely on the issue of Bob Geldof requesting people to attend the rally in Edinburgh en mass . Now when I say focus, I don't mean in a positive sense: it was all about the worries of police and parents about the huge numbers of young people who might attend and this potentially resulting in a "tragedy".

It makes me sick, the whole idea of the rally and "Live 8" is to highlight the tragedy going on in Africa, where hundreds of thousands of children die each year through starvation and poverty. The moral outcry about kids travelling to scotland and perhaps having to rough it, sleeping on the pavement for the night is really misplaced.


  1. It is such a shame that this wonderful event has been tarnished by the media because the few individuals who would be sick enough to cause problesm in the rallies.

  2. It's not really about africa but against the world debt held against 3rd world countries.

    I'm not even sure it is going to be a great event.

    Personally would not ask 1 million people to go to a scottish town that is going to cost the tax payers millions to cover the police bill a great idea but still.