Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Part 1 of 2 Video interview with Burscough Conservative Councillor Jason Grice Yew Tree Farm Development

Part 1 of 2
Matthew Wright, in a frank and unedited interview, discusses with Burscough West Conservative Councillor Jason Grice
  • the need for additional utilities
  • the need for improved roads infrastructure
  • the problem of increased traffic congestion
  • the need for additional amenities
  • the choice of location
  • the use of green belt land
  • what are brown site alternatives
  • what are the benefits of new jobs, economic regeneration etc.
In response, what do you think of the case made so far by those interviewed?
  • Are the Burscough Yew Tree Farm protesters a vocal minority, trying to hold the tide back? Yes, No?
  • Three years on down the West Lancashire Local Plan consultation path, Is there an element of inevitability to the final outcome?
  • Should we be negotiating hard for further guarantees, not trying to turn our backs to the metaphorical builders lorry hurtling down the road towards us.
  • Where does the argument go next, what further questions should be asked and to whom?

  • Or, is it all completely irrelevant as the nearby impending Fracking projects, will in future just cause the ground beneath our very feet to part and swallow us up?
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