Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with Father Boniface Moran St.Anne's Church: Faith & religion ...

Interview with Father Boniface Moran OSB at St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church in Ormskirk, West Lancashire, England

How faith and religion play a part in the community of Ormskirk

The first in a series of interviews with people of faith and religion in the community of Ormskirk. This is an not a intellectual discourse between academics, it is a broad chat, which answers questions you might think you know the answer to, but.....

The discussion covers areas such as; What is the role of a Catholic priest in the wider community? What is the role of a hospital chaplain? What is Service? Can people who aren't Christians be good people? What's the difference between a monk and a priest? What is a Benedictine Monk?

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