Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with Soup Stop Parish Church Ormskirk How Faith and religion p...

"Soup Stop" New Church House Ormskirk - No preaching, just soup and a smile! Tuesday lunchtimes

The second in a series of interviews discussing faith and religion in the community of Ormskirk.

The Soup Stop group talk about the motivation behind this outreach initiative and how Parish Church fits into the Christian patchwork quilt in Ormskirk.

Soup Stop Parish Church Ormskirk
Thank you to Val Smout, Karen Somerville, Mary Burke, Keith Bainbridge, Gloria Ronald, Rev Mike Smout and Dr Murray Steele for their being patient and retaining a sense of humour, when they found Soup Stop gatecrashed by a pushy community news reporter and his camera, on a cold and wet Tuesday afternoon  :-)

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