Thursday, January 26, 2012

Read the West Lancashire Borough Council Local Plan document

West Lancashire Local Plan document (front cover)
Read the actual West Lancashire Local Plan Preferred Options document.

The Local Plan is available for download from the West Lancashire Borough Council Website. Alternatively, I have also made it available to read online at

Prefaced by Councillor Martin Forshaw Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation West Lancashire Borough Council January 2012.
West Lancashire has a wonderful mix of vibrant towns and picturesque villages, and boasts some of the most beautiful and productive countryside in the UK. It is vital that we manage,guide and encourage development within the Borough to meet the economic and social aspirations of our towns and villages and the communities within them, while protecting our environment for future generations.
The Local Plan Preferred Options represent an important shift in the preparation of a Development Plan Document for West Lancashire, with a new-style Local Plan replacing the Core Strategy that was being prepared as part of a Local Development Framework for the Borough.

This document has been developed by considering all the information provided by the Council's evidence base and the results of previous public consultations on the issues and options and preferred options stages of the Core Strategy preparation and takes into account the latest direction given by the Government on preparing local planning policy.

Ultimately, the Local Plan will directly or indirectly affect all residents and communities within the Borough. Therefore, it is important that we hear from you on what is being proposed in order to help us to make an informed decision on what the final Local Plan should include.

I very much look forward to hearing your views on the proposals and policies within this document.

Councillor Martin Forshaw Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation West Lancashire Borough Council.

Once you have read the document, post your comments below.  What questions do you want answered, let me know and I'll put them to your local representatives.

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