Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ormskirk Mary Portas High Street Pilots Funding Bid Interview with Ormskirk Town Team member Katie Givens March 8th 2012

Ormskirk, an historic market town in West Lancashire is preparing its bid for a share of the £1 million up for grabs in the Mary Portas High Street Pilots Bid competition.

Katie Givens, shop owner in Ormskirk and a leading light (my words not Katie's) of the new Ormskirk Town Team, talks about the state of the Ormskirk high street and the way ahead for its regeneration.

At the end of the interview, I take a look around Ormskirk to get an idea of the local battleground upon which the fate of the Ormskirk high street is being fought.  The Ormskirk high street is becoming littered with closing down signs in various shop windows, while elsewhere around the town a few dogged entrepeneurs are bravely opening new businesses.

Katie Givens at the Ormskirk Town Team meeting March 8th 2012

If the local economy is to once again thrive, then local residents, existing retailers, new entrepeneurs and the council must ally themselves together to first plan and then deliver a coherent strategy for the future success of Ormskirk.

Have you got something to say about the future of the Ormskirk high street?  Please comment below.

If you have something to offer in the way of ideas or time and you want to be a part of the Town Team, then get in contact with Katie Givens at Pandora's Box on Telephone 01695 577881

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