Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ormskirk Scouts will be carrying the Olympic Torch

Pamela Tompsett talks to the BBC about being nominated as an Olympic Torchbearer through Ormskirk

Pamela is a scout recruiter and has been nominated to be one of a select number of Olympic Torchbearers.

Ormskirk Scouts
Ormskirk Scouts
'Amazing Anna' a 12 year old Ormskirk Scout will also be among the Olympic Torchbearers Article by Andrew King - Ormskirk Scouts 

Anna will be a proud Olympic torchbearer through Ormskirk on Friday 1st June 2012.  It`s twelve years since Anna underwent an emergency lifesaving operation after suffering from bowel disease, leaving her with a permanent ileostomy.  Anna has had all her large intestine and half of her small intestine removed.

Anna spent the first year of her life as an inpatient in Alder Hey Childrens Hospital.  Since then she has adapted to the loss of one of the bodies most important organs.  Despite her ongoing disability she has embraced sport to show others that a disability does not hinder you.”

This young and energetic scout competes at a high level in swimming, running and triathlons, both for her school and clubs. She is Junior Captain for a local swimming club, a member of a local athletics club and Tri Team Wigan triathlon club.  Through all this she has earnt the nickname `Amazing Anna` from her peers!

She has participated in a number of fundraising events including the Race for Life, Great North Swim and also raising money for the RNLI, Children with Leukaemia and charities for children with similar bowel and bladder dysfunctions.

'Amazing Anna' is also a member of the Girl Guides, Scouts and St Johns Ambulance.  She never lets her disability get in the way of anything and always tries her hardest in all she does.

Anna is an inspiration to others and this would be a really memorable occasion for her and at the same time raising awareness as to what others can achieve if they really want to. Anna aspires to be a future Olympic competitor!”

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