Friday, January 25, 2013

Riding camels in the Sahara Desert near Douz Tunisia Jan 2013

Riding camels in the Sahara Desert

Heather and I spent a week's holiday travelling around southern Tunisia.  We flew into Enfiddha Airport and used Sousse as a base. Then by train, louage, taxi, 4x4 vehicle and shanks pony we toured around the tunisian countryside.

A 10 minute drive outside Douz in southern Tunisia, you'll find Dawar Salem, where you can ride camels, quad bikes, horses and start your trip across the desert.

This was the first time either my wife Heather or I had ridden a camel.

Despite some reservations, we couldn't visit the Sahara Desert and turn down an opportunity to have a go. I had read before our trip that camels used for tourists can be in poor health.  I did check on the Internet what weight camels can carry as I am a big fellow.  I was reassured that a camel can safely carry double my weight.

Tunisian camels in the Sahara Desert
Our camels looked well, from what we could see and judge.  My wife knows horses and although not the same, we judged the camels were healthy and happy enough. Our ride was only an hour long and the camels had a break and rest half way through.

All in all we had a great camel ride in the desert, a novel experience.

By the way Tunisia is written this way in arabic;  تونس

Heather and I flew to Enfiddah in Tunisia using Thomson Flights from Manchester Airport.  The videos in our blog posts are filmed using a Kodak Zi10 PlayTouch personal video recorder.

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