Friday, January 25, 2013

HD Douz livestock market by the Sahara Desert Tunisia

The Douz livestock market on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Tunisia.

During our recent holiday to Tunisia, Heather and I visited Douz in southern Tunisia.  Douz is knows as the door to the sahara desert.

This weely market in Douz southern Tunisia is full of smells, sights and sound alien to a tourist from northern europe, probably used to only seeing such animals grazing quietly in a green field.  For visitors from Northern Europe a Tunisian livestock market can be a novel and interesting experience. 

The Douz livestock market in Tunisia

A a child I remember going to several livestock markets, seeing sheep, cows and pigs gathered together in metal pens.  This has changed though in today's Britain. According to an article, from several years ago, I found on a BBC news website there are less than 200 markets in Britain, compared to a peak at the time of the Second World War of 800.

Many livestock markets have never recovered after being temporarily closed during the 2001 foot-and-mouth crisis. Some never re-opened.  The reduction is also being blamed on a general decline in agriculture and because the land in town centres, where many markets are based, is ripe for development. تونس

Heather and I flew to Enfiddah in Tunisia using Thomson Flights from Manchester Airport.  The videos in our blog posts are filmed using a Kodak Zi10 PlayTouch personal video recorder.

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